Our Brand

We are a brand inspired in every citizen to feel comfortable and playful while moving without barriers; Jump, lift, reach, pull, push, we are with you along each movement.

For who?

FIT CITIZEN is for those citizens of the world, that belong to the adventure and courage and aren’t afraid of taking a step forward to make the difference. A FITCITIZEN is not afraid of making a statement in the gym.

Our Vision

Our vision is to endure representing sporty excellence, innovation and graceful style over the years.

our mission

Our mission is to awake the original nature of excellence and empowerment in every citizen of the world.

Our clothes

Our clothes are made to fit individuals, with comfort, safety and style under physical activity, making them feel secure, empowered, capable and beautiful. We help you reach your maximum potential in the gym, field or anywhere you are.

our fabrics

Our range of fabrics are chosen primarily based on providing your body with comfort and moldability with a high quality product that adapts to every movement.


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